In 1900, while working on early versions of their aeroplane, Wilbur and Orville Wright noted the increased difficulty in finding a quiet café for an early morning cup of coffee. Their ever-inquisitive minds traced the problem to the demise of local coffee roasting and coffee milling operations. Due to the availability of pre-ground Hills Brothers coffee that was packaged in vacuum tins, housewives and coffee houses across the country were adopting this technical method of preserving coffee.

The brothers knew that, in most households, a cup of coffee is the one thing needful at the breakfast hour. And for the Wright’s, coffee fueled their creativity throughout the day. “But how often,” Wilbur wrote in his journal, “this exhilarating beverage, that comforteth the brain and heateth and helpeth digestion is made muddy and ill-flavoured!”

Temporarily setting their work on flight on the back burner, the brothers opened The Wright Brothers Coffee Emporium at the front of their bicycle shop, perfecting the roasting and grinding process.

Customers raved over the uniqueness of the Wright’s coffee which, as Orville wrote, is prepared in the most immaculate of coffee-pots with each return of morning. It was while working on their aeroplane at night…often fueled by the very same coffee…that Wilbur coined the Emporium’s slogan “Good to the Last Prop.”