Crafting Your Ambition


Designing for You

Who Am I?

Born in 1993, I was raised in (what was then) a small town in Lakeville, Minnesota. My whole life has been a combination of being covered in either pencil smudges or mud from playing outside. To say the least, creating art pieces started when I was young, and definitely not on a computer! It's funny how times have changed, but even 20 years later I can still be found with pencil smudges and paint still in my hair.

My youth was a balancing act between playing five sports, school, and setting aside "me" time to do my arts. I didn't always get it right, but if you're anything like me then you're homework probably had more doodles than accomplished questions!

Try, Try, Try, and then try again

Currently, I am finishing up my associates degree in Graphic Design at Rasmussen College. I never thought I'd be a web Designer, especially since my first coding class went less than perfect. I spent most of the class staring at DreamWeaver like it was the black plague spitting it's rancid disease in my face. After more classes and endless nights hugging my coffee to my lips, though, I finally understood the madness. Which brings me to the now!

Let me craft
what makes you, you.

I want you to write down those beautiful thoughts that are bubbling around in your mind. I want you to draw the picture stuck in your mind. I want you to stitch together the inspiration to your muse, and I together we can fabricate it's existence. Give me your fears, your insecurities, and let me craft the hard stuff. You are the mastermind of your business, and I am your personal artist.

What's with your logo?

Celtic Knot for Motherhood

This is my existance, my endless desire to work harder. My son, Derek, has shaped my life into an exciting adventure. The lessons of motherhood have taught me the importance of compassion, love, and dedication.

He has taught me how to accomplish the day-to-day mundane tasks that lead me to my end goal-- creating a more beautiful world with my work.

The Bunny

This was inspired by two things: My bestfriend and the movie, Zootopia. I believe that women are generally pretty emotional, which is pretty amazing for the art world. Designs are meant to impact the population, and what good is design with no story?

My logo is slightly complicated, a little different, and reveals a lot about myself. My favorite part of this design is the detail reveals more about me as it becomes larger.

Current Events!


Currently, I am in my last quarter of school! On March 17, 2017 I will have obtained my Associates Degree in Graphic Design with a specialization of Web and Interactivity.

Post - Graduation

post-graduation plans include sending out my resume throughout the twin cities, taking a short break from school, celebrating my 24th birthday in May, and then going back to school in the summer to work towards my Bachelor Degree.