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21 Lights is a trivia game designed for kids. The goal of this app is to educate all age groups about sustainable energy while simultaneously having fun. The multi-device compatibility creates a larger market for users to have access to the game. The Lightbulbs can be turned in at the end of the game for a reward specified to their age group. No longer will education be only useful, but desirable as well! Don’t be left in the dark, come join 21 Lights today!

The use of sustainable energy such as solar energy or wind energy is so much more beneficial to us as well as the earth. Solar energy helps sustain the water cycle as well as photosynthesis. Solar energy is made into electricity by using photovoltaics or concentrated solar power. "The Global Wind Energy Outlook estimates that by 2030 wind energy will offset 2.5 billion tons per year of carbon dioxide. This would be equivalent to taking 530 million cars off the road each year or avoiding the use of 4.6 billion barrels of oil globally." (G.E. Renewable Energy, 2016).

Children, teens, and adults need to have knowledge about our world to make smart, sustainable decisions. Using games as a teaching tool is an effective way to provide information. Online games are big business; they are appealing and enjoyable. 21 Lights, A Renewable Energy Game uses education as the tool to "enlighten" the population about sustainable electricity. Users will find the illuminating content inspiring, and they will learn the importance of green, renewable energy while having fun.